Remnants Remorse

Several weeks after the spice cupboard clearing and reordering project, I realized that I kept walking by the remnants of that project in the hall. Yes, I had items that were not spices and not kitchen related. I wanted them and I did not know where to keep them. They were stranded on the floor of the hall until I could figure out where to store them. I was getting more and more frustrated with how long this stuff was sitting in the hall on the floor.

Then one day, I stopped and thought – this reminds me of musical chairs.

The stuff on the hall floor were those items that “lost a chair” when the music stopped and they are standing off to the side waiting for the next round of music. When I can think of stuff in a fun way, I tend to be less judgmental.

The idea gave me pause to flip my frustration to amusement. Now the question becomes “What storage places would love to house X?” If no storage places or chairs are open, then they leave the game.

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