Refrigerator Roulette

It all started with the Colorado peaches. Their taste was scrumptious and the juices ran down your hand. Then I bought my first crate of peaches. To make room for them required removing the vegetable drawer on the bottom. It is one wide drawer so taking it out would make room for the crate.  The peaches would be happy and juicy without going bad on me.

What I did not see coming was the undoing of our precarious but fairly secure storage of leftovers and regular food items.  How could one crate of peaches create such havoc? The time had come one Saturday morning to rectify the situation. All the items on the top 2 shelves went out and onto the kitchen table. I tossed and discovered and rearranged while delivering a discourse of dismay to my husband. How could everything get so dislodged, I wondered out loud.  His remarks were along the lines of saying that dislodgement was my usual course of action.

Whenever I look for answers to some daily life dilemma, I survey people to find out how they take care of it. I emailed the stitch group and asked the following questions:

1. Who more often rearranges the contents of the refrigerator?

2. Are you a stacker or rotater or other?

3. What frustrates you the most about the refrigerator?

The wealth of humor and fun that flowed back to me was the hit of the day. I share it with you here.

Refrigerator Survey

1. Who more often rearranges the contents of your refrigerator?

One of us just opens the door and looks quickly to see what he wants. If it is not right in the front ranks, it’s not there.

I am the refrigerator generalisimo as as I am the chief cooker.

I rearrange but no one in my house is very good at it.

Every Sunday night he cleans out the fridge, our garbage day is Monday.

2. Are you a stacker or rotater or other method?

I’m a stacker, I do not rotate,  I allow things to jump out of the fridge on their own, and the idea that Charlie would think to clean the refrigerator without spilling a full bottle of something makes me giggle.

I stack the front solid and occasionally rotate to give the third row chorus members a shot at the big time.

I stack but do try and rotate.

Definitely a stacker.  Kind of like the dominos effect.  When they topple, some response is required – or not!

3. What frustrates you the most about the refrigerator?

Most frustrating thing is that my cook and butler don’t refill the refrigerator and I have to go to the store.

The shelves are always wrong for the tall beer and wine bottles.

I’m unhappy with my side by side as the shelves are narrow and long and things always get lost in the back no matter how careful I am.

When people in my household put things that are empty.  

I am frustrated most about the fact that it ever has to be managed.  I wish it would clean itself – kind of like the stove.  I guess the stove cares more about “clean” than the refrigerator –  which isn’t real helpful.

How do you solve storing food in the refrigerator? I am on a quest now. I think there is a missing link and it does not have anything to do with the refrigerator. It is something else. Stay tuned for more discoveries.

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