Claim Yourself In Your Space

How much room is there for you in your space?

How much of my space reflects who I am?

How much do I claim for myself?

I believe that it is important to claim yourself in your space. My mission is to help you do that.

I do it through private consultation, virtual and live workshops, and speaking.

Current Group Offerings:

The Clearing Circle

How much of your authentic self is reflected in your space.

Discover a new approach to managing your stuff that puts you in the center.

In this group program, you will :

  • learn to create a personalized process for intention, decision making, and clearing.
  • Participate in a powerful guided experience
  • Learn how to integrate your new awareness into a practice for daily living.

The group will consist of 3 sessions which will run the course of 1 week:

Session 1: a 2 hour in-person group session – What does Clearing Mean for Me?

Session 2: a 2.25 hour virtual workshop which begin with a group call in which each person will report their intention for clearing. Following this group call, each person will then do the clearing for 45 minutes. A second group callfollows the work time to report their progress and to set an intention for the next 45 minutes. The third group call follows the second work session and wraps up the virtual workshop.

Session 3:  a 2 hour in-person group session What Did I Learn about My Own Clearing Process

$149 – Dates and times to be decided.

For those who want customized attention,  I offer the above as a private one-on-one service.  Call 651-487-9153 for details.

Current Private Offerings:

1.You’ve Got your stuff number and Now What? A private 1 hour consultation to lay out the hands-on work for arriving at your stuff number.


2.The Private Clearing Program:  3 individual sessions consisting of  6 hours of one-on-one time tailor fit for your stuff and life.


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