Going through stuff

I went to the musical, Anything Goes, with my brother. It had lots of dancing, singing, and energy. Watching how the actors changed the scenes by pushing one platform onto the stage while another platform was moved off the stage got me thinking about a different perspective for “purging” or “going through stuff”.

What is refreshing about this is that your focus in on the new scene coming in rather than the previous scene going out. I can just see how there are many other comparisons for this same thing. One would be the photos or slides on websites where the arrows are labeled “next” and “previous”. Another would be turning pages in a book to see what is going to happen rather than reading the same page over and over again because you do not want to let go.

Larger experiences such as a musical or canoeing down a river or anything out of our ordinary lives wakes up new ways of seeing ourselves and seeing life around us. It wakes us up to what is ahead of us on this journey of life and we want to go forward to see. Kvetching about what to do with this or that just does not fit into the picture.

Enjoy the journey.  The journey can be enjoyed even if you donated something that you paid good money for and did not use and now it is moving out of your life. We have all done this from time to time.

How to turn the next page in your book of life? Discover something about yourself that you like or that you want to express. Tell someone else about it. Savor the experience of discovery and find ways to express it in your daily life.

What did I see about myself? I hate to admit it because it sounds vain but I want to feel free enough about my physical body to dance.

What does that have to do with “purging” or “going through stuff”?  The desire to express myself with dance wakes up that part of me that does not need to have 6 pairs of sweatpants for yardwork or messy projects.

I am changing the scene and going to Act 2.

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