• I believe it is vital and authentic to claim yourself in your space.
  • I believe it is valuable to take time to Look and See how much of you– the real you- is in your space.

  • I believe it takes courage and gentleness to really look deeply and answer these questions.
  • I believe your external space reflects your internal space. It is a measure of how much attention you are giving your authentic self internally.
  • I believe it is powerful to check in periodically to see if the space outside and the space inside are congruent.
  • I believe when you stand in this truth, you will accept yourself at a deeper level and you will know what empowers you and what does not empower you.

  • I believe that as you learn how to do this, it becomes a personal spiritual practice that allows you to be more congruent inside and out and express yourself with truth and love.

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