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Resolve Rather Than Revolve

Resolve Rather than Revolve I went on a mild rampage one day because someone said the W word – Where. The rest goes “Where is the crushed red pepper?” I knew it was there somewhere. However, those words set me … Continue reading

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Refrigerator Roulette

It all started with the Colorado peaches. Their taste was scrumptious and the juices ran down your hand. Then I bought my first crate of peaches. To make room for them required removing the vegetable drawer on the bottom. It … Continue reading

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Recreate the Wheel

People keep saying they do not want to recreate the wheel. There are some ways that I do like to recreate the wheel. I keep gathering ideas. I like to test them out and get a thrill out of some … Continue reading

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Going through stuff

I went to the musical, Anything Goes, with my brother. It had lots of dancing, singing, and energy. Watching how the actors changed the scenes by pushing one platform onto the stage while another platform was moved off the stage … Continue reading

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Do you have a rolling closet?

Why does the car get all the lumps? I treat it like a giant purse. I have the nail clipper, toothpick, Kleenex, lipstick, lip balm, lotion, spare change, extra shoes, and so forth. When I am in the car for … Continue reading

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